Tips And Tricks For Your Selfmade Ski- and Bike Service

On this page you will find tips and tricks for the ski and bike service to do it yourself.
Information on edge grinding, base waxing and care, as well as everything about our latest tools from the bike segment.


Grinding belts - Which one is right for you?
Learn more about the different possible applications and characteristics of the grinding belts.

Why Wax Skis And Which Wax Should I Use?
There are many types of wax on the market. We will give you a summary of the types of wax available and their advantages and disadvantages.

Make Your Own Ski Service - Why?
Are you wondering whether you should do your ski service yourself or rather bring the skis & boards to the service? We have the answer for you!

Ski Tuning: How Often To Sharpen Ski Edges
You want to know how often to sharpen your ski edges? Read this article and find out!

How To Tune Skis - Which Edge Angle Suits You The Best?
Learn something about the different ski edge angles and find out which one suits you the best!

Ski Service By Yourself With The ES 2000 From raze-cat
Find out here how you can use the ES 2000 for your own ski service. Simple and independent ski service at home! 

Ski Tuning - The Basics
Together with experienced service men, we have put together the most important basics for the ski service for you to do yourself.

Ski Base Care - Base Brushes For The Care Of Ski Bases
Learn something about the care of ski bases and find out which brushes to use for the preparation of your ski base.

Belt Or Disc Sander?
Meanwhile, there are various electric ski tools on the market. We have taken a close look at the grinding results and compared them.